The reinvention of the brand Fundador
The First
Spanish Brandy
Fundador, the first Spanish brandy, was born from our wineskins in 1874, and production has continued uninterrupted ever since. It is aged in barrels of American oak that have previously held the magnificent sherries of Jerez, a process which imbues it with its unmistakable flavour. Fundador is the best-selling brand both within and beyond the borders of Spain, and is an unrivalled benchmark of our identity and wine producing culture.

In addition to their already huge historical legacy, the Domecq family launched the first brandy produced in Spain in 1874, creating the FUNDADOR brand.

The exceptional and compelling quality of Fundador brandy led it to dominate the national alcoholic beverages market in the 70s, the apogee for brandy in Spain. And that’s how Fundador came to be the leading brand in the sector, with its quality expressed under a slogan remembered by all… “Está… como nunca.” (Better than… ever).


Fundador is bringing a new concept to the Spanish market: two new and unique expressions of brandy have been developed by our Master Blender in the Reserva and Gran Reserva categories.

For many years, Fundador’s Master Blender, Dr Manuel Valcarcel, has been working on the idea of bringing back the huge personality and powerful character of the acclaimed brandies produced in the 70s, when brandy consumption was at its peak in Spain.


It’s a collection that comes to elevate to the highest level the Brandy concept.

Fundador Supremo 12, 15 and 18 represents a legacy of quality within a universe of naunces.

El sherry cask and the prestige of the old Jerez wines and its ageing, creates a great atmosphere to create the best Brandy of Jerez, as well as the complexity, aroma and elegance to grant you the supreme carácter that precedes its name.